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    Papercraft! Download, Print, Cut & Fold.

    Papercraft! Download, Print, Cut & Fold.
    So, suddenly you found out that your working space is a little boring and wanted to put some little cute miniature stuffs but without spending any money. Well, why don’t just making this do-it-yourself free papercraft? There are several sites that offer free, downloadable, nicely designed paper models in PDF or picture format. You can print them out on a heavy ...
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    15 Must-See Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials

    Looking to create the perfect image on Photoshop, spice up your graphic design portfolio, learn new photo manipulation tools or just have some fun?We've selected 15 fresh new Photoshop photo effect tutorials. From vintage lomo effects to creating your very own iTunes style illustrations — it's all here! 1. Quick Lomo Effect 8. Puppet Warp Tool 2. Classic Photo Effect 9. ...
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    How To Build a Better Home Studio

    You did it! You’ve negotiated with your boss or embraced your entrepreneurial spirit and the home office is yours. Think of all the time you’ll save on the commute, the extra hours you’ll punch in, and the flexibility you’ll enjoy. You’re ready to kick back and… oh, work. Remember, even with all the promises of work-at-home grandeur, there are just ...
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    24 Inspiring Logo Designs

    Logos represent corporate identity. It is one of the most important elements in a company’s public image. First impressions are important and logos should capture the attention of potential clients. This makes logo design one of the most difficult aspects of graphics design for any designer. The following are some creative logos that you can draw inspiration from that displays ...
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    3 Easy Tips for Setting Up Still Life Paintings

    ArtBistro Partner, internationally recognized professional artist and author of FineArtTips.com, Lori McNee shares three easy steps that can make a big difference when setting up and lighting a still life painting. Do you have some tips you find handy when setting up still life paintings? We want to hear them — Share below!
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    Essential Photoshop Shortcuts

    Essential Photoshop Shortcuts
    When you are working on a design, do you have to use the Tools Palette at all in Photoshop or have your fingers memorized the shortcuts? Not using the Photoshop key commands is a sure way to slow yourself down; it’s frustrating to not be able to work as fast as your mind can think! The Tools Palette It is essential ...
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    Video Tutorial: How to Draw Valentine Hearts With Wings

    Video Tutorial: How to Draw Valentine Hearts With Wings
    It's never too late to show that special someone that you care. And, handmade gifts are straight from the heart. Learn how to draw a Valentine's Day heart with wings to adorn a Valentine card, a surprise love note, or even place-mats for a romantic dinner — Love! Here's how: How to Draw Valentine Hearts With Wings div.custom_widget {border:0px;}[widget:related_reads_videotutorials]
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    What's Your Famous Paintings IQ?

    Think you're a painting expert? See for yourself how many of the world's most famous paintings you ...

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    What Kind of Artist Are You?

    Want to know which medium that suits you? Find out if you are more of a photographer, ...

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