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    Designing Product: How to Choose the Right Perspective

    Designing Product: How to Choose the Right Perspective
    It was the first semester of my sophomore year. I had just done the most dynamic design sketch ever done of a butter dish with lid, from an ant's perspective. While I thought it was cool, my instructor couldn't tell if it was a butter dish, or some kind of modernist housing block. He then did something like the below demo ...
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    iMovie Music Video

    +*PROJECT: Music Video*+ *Steps* p(. 1. Crew Up: All crewmembers choose new jobs. p(. 2. Working as a group, choose an appropriate song for your new video by a local band. You can also create your own song using GarageBand. p(. 3. Get song approved by CEO. p(. 4. Complete preproduction notebook. Get notebook approval. p(. 5. Shoot your video. Remember ...
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    The Gimp: Animation

    +*PROJECT: The Bouncing Ball*+ _Step 1: Storyboard_ Complete a 12-frame storyboard including sketches of what you see and notes about what you hear. _Step 2: Object Definition_ +*Setup*+ p(. 1. Open The Gimp p(. 2. Select File>New p(. 3. At Preset select: NTSC - 720x480. Under the Advanced Options select: p((. *Colorspace: RGB color* p((. *Select Contents: White* p(. 4. Click ...
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    Make a DVD Portfolio using iDVD

    Make a DVD Portfolio using iDVD
    +*PROJECT: DVD Portfolio*+ *Create your own DVD Portfolio including:* p(. 1. Five different original images for menu backgrounds. p(. 2. One or more original menu musical scores of loops or student written material. p(. 3. Four original animations for submenu buttons. p(. 4. Eight original images created in class reflecting the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. p(. 5. ...
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    GarageBand: Add Music to Animation

    +*PROJECT: Scoring Original Animation*+ Open your Original Animation in GarageBand and add an original score. Steps: p(. 1. Open your Original Animation in iMovie HD p(. 2. Choose Share > GarageBand. GarageBand will open. p(. 3. In GarageBand choose Control > Show Media Browser. p(. 4. Click the Media Browser button (next to the Track Info button). [widget:9_steps_guide_design_benifits] p(. 5. Click ...
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    Digital Paper Terminology

    Digital Paper Terminology
    The list below, provided by Legion Paper, is a comprehensive index of terminology used in making and referring to Digital Art Paper. You will find this glossary very valuable when shopping for or choosing the right digital art paper for your next project. *Additive Colors* Red, Green, and Blue are referred to as additive colors. Red + Green + Blue = ...
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    How to Shoot a Video & Capture a Still Image

    +*PROJECT: How to Shoot a Video*+ You have been assigned to a Production Company of 3-4 people, with whom you will work throughout the semester. This introductions project is a useful way to get to know each other and to assess how to make best use of the human resources in your group. You will use a camera and lighting techniques. ...

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