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    Digital Painting: Choosing Colors in Photoshop

    Digital Painting: Choosing Colors in Photoshop
    When you paint digitally, one of the most intimidating tasks can be choosing colors. On a traditional palette, you might have 6-12 tubes of paint to work with, but on the computer there are millions of colors available. How do you work with options like that? Here is how I have tackled this problem. Choices: When you install and load Photoshop ...
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    15 Must-See Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials

    Looking to create the perfect image on Photoshop, spice up your graphic design portfolio, learn new photo manipulation tools or just have some fun?We've selected 15 fresh new Photoshop photo effect tutorials. From vintage lomo effects to creating your very own iTunes style illustrations — it's all here! 1. Quick Lomo Effect 8. Puppet Warp Tool 2. Classic Photo Effect 9. ...
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    Essential Photoshop Shortcuts

    Essential Photoshop Shortcuts
    When you are working on a design, do you have to use the Tools Palette at all in Photoshop or have your fingers memorized the shortcuts? Not using the Photoshop key commands is a sure way to slow yourself down; it’s frustrating to not be able to work as fast as your mind can think! The Tools Palette It is essential ...
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    Taking Design from Good to Great with Gradients

    Gradients are one of those things that can take a design from good to great. Sometimes it’s hard to get the values just perfect though! No problem. We can check out what other people have done in the past. Below I’ve shown the original piece and then I took it into Photoshop and sampled a spot from the center of the ...
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    Button Design PSD Resource Download

    Button Design PSD Resource Download
    It’s free resource time! Well this is a button design resources with different styles and colors that I created myself. The button is make out of scalable shapes, so you can adjust or resize- it’s flexible and highly customizable. Feel free to download it if you like it or find it useful. You can download the PSD resource file at the ...
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    How To: Inking in Photoshop

    How To: Inking in Photoshop
    To ink a drawing, I would choose between either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. They are distinctly different in the way they work, so here is a breakdown: p((. Photoshop is pixel-based, and Illustrator is vector-based. This means Photoshop “paints” pixels, or tiny little dots on your screen; Illustrator, on the other hand, draws shapes and strokes using mathematical calculations. p((. In ...
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