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    Organizing and Placing Web Images Using iPhoto & iWeb

    *+PART 1: IMPORTING AND ORGANIZING YOUR WEB IMAGES IN IPHOTO+* 1. Open iPhoto. 2. Drag the beta_images folder into the iPhoto Source window. A new album containing the images will be created in the Source window. 3. Select iPhoto>Preferences>Keywords 4. Click the (+) button and add “web” as a new Keyword. 5. Drag all of you the .jpg, .gif, and .png ...
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    Creating a Slideshow in iPhoto

    Create three slideshows. One for your digital imaging projects (Melon, Coyote, etc.); one for your Elements of Art images, and one for your Principles of Design images. Use your Jingle from GarageBand in at least one of the slideshows. You may create new jingles for the other two slideshows. *+STEPS+* 1. Select the images you want in your slideshow by using ...
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    Organize your Image Files in iPhoto

    1. Import (Shift+Apple+I) your images into iPhoto. 2. Select your Lessons, Elements, and Principles folders and click Import. 3. Select iPhoto>Preferences>Keywords 4. Create three new keywords: p((. • Lessons p((. • Elements p((. • Principles [widget:9_steps_guide_design_benifits] 5. Assign the appropriate keyword to the appropriate image. 6. Create three new albums in iPhoto: p((. • Lessons Files p((. • Elements of Art ...

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