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    A Glossary of Painting Terminology

    Here is a handy list of definitions of terms you will come across as you explore the world of fine art painting. Print this out and keep it handy - it's a invaluable reference. *Archival*: Suitable for use in creation or care of artifacts of potential or actual antique value; likely to resist natural deterioration when used according to sound practices ...
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    Paper Terminology Glossary

    Paper Terminology Glossary
    When you are shopping for paper for your latest art project did you ever wonder what a Deckle Edge was? Or what 100% Rag actually means? Or whether you should choose Hot Pressed over Cold Pressed? We have compiled this handy list of artist paper terminology for your reference. Enjoy! *100% Rag* Made entirely of cotton and/or linen rag pulp *Bond ...
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    Digital Paper Terminology

    Digital Paper Terminology
    The list below, provided by Legion Paper, is a comprehensive index of terminology used in making and referring to Digital Art Paper. You will find this glossary very valuable when shopping for or choosing the right digital art paper for your next project. *Additive Colors* Red, Green, and Blue are referred to as additive colors. Red + Green + Blue = ...

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