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    Write Your Own Jingle in GarageBand

    Use the loops in GarageBand to create your own 30-second jingle. *+Steps*+ 1. Create a new folder (Apple + N) in your documents named “yourname_tunes”. 2. Open GarageBand. 3. Select New Music Project. 4. Name the file “yourname_band.” 5. Save in your Documents>yourname_tunes folder. 6. Do not change the Tempo, Time, bpm, or Key (for now). 7. Click Create. [widget:9_steps_guide_design_benifits] 8. ...
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    GarageBand: Add Music to Animation

    +*PROJECT: Scoring Original Animation*+ Open your Original Animation in GarageBand and add an original score. Steps: p(. 1. Open your Original Animation in iMovie HD p(. 2. Choose Share > GarageBand. GarageBand will open. p(. 3. In GarageBand choose Control > Show Media Browser. p(. 4. Click the Media Browser button (next to the Track Info button). [widget:9_steps_guide_design_benifits] p(. 5. Click ...

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