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    Top 10 Podcasting Do's and Don'ts

    Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd. h4. DO 1. Make it Professional Regardless of whether you are podcasting from your garage or a corporate boardroom there is no reason that your podcast cannot have a professional sound and feel. Use software to edit ...
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    All Hail the Print Gocco!

    All Hail the Print Gocco!
    About two weeks ago, I was killing time and avoiding doing real work by checking out the site On Etsy, people sell their wares (t-shirts, tote bags, etc) and what I saw over and over was some really nice screenprinting on different homemade items. Where were all these craftspeople getting access to a press? Home screenprinting is a huge pain ...
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    How Does Podcasting Work?

    It has been said that in October of 2004 a Google search returned less than 6,000 results for the term "podcasting". Today, a similar search yields more than 857,000 results. Like the blogging phenomenon, podcasting has come out of nowhere and attracted an enthusiastic following. While some traditional radio talk shows have begun providing podcasts of their regularly-scheduled broadcasts, the bulk ...
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    Color Spacing

    Color Spacing
    Thanks to Igor Asselbergs, here is a great graphic design or typography technique. It is a great way to communicate with the public while grabbing their attention to the content. I like the black and white example and how the type is slightly over lapped. Wow! the color one is really tricky. It makes my eyes hurt to look at it. ...
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    What is Shareware?

    h4. What is Shareware? Shareware is software that you can try before you buy. Software developers post trial versions of their software on websites. Consumers can then download the trial version to their computer and evaluate it. If the consumer likes the software they can purchase it. Shareware is also called try before you buy. Today almost every big software company ...
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    Creating Dotted Tunnel in Illustrator

    Creating Dotted Tunnel in Illustrator
    I remember that I first saw the dotted tunnel in one picture posted in which spared my idea on creating this tutorial. The graphic effect is kind of cool so I decided to try replicate the look and found out that it’s simple to do. The main tools used for this tutorial are the Pen Tool, Transform Tool and Blend ...
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    Answers to the Winter Holiday IQ Quiz

    Answers to the Winter Holiday IQ Quiz
    ArtBistro created the What's Your Winter Holiday IQ? quiz to help you learn more about all the winter holidays. We're providing the answers so you can learn from the quiz, but... h4. Don't cheat! If you haven't taken the What's Your Winter Holiday IQ quiz, go take it first. See answers on the next page... [page] 1) Why do we hang ...
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    Write Your Own Jingle in GarageBand

    Use the loops in GarageBand to create your own 30-second jingle. *+Steps*+ 1. Create a new folder (Apple + N) in your documents named “yourname_tunes”. 2. Open GarageBand. 3. Select New Music Project. 4. Name the file “yourname_band.” 5. Save in your Documents>yourname_tunes folder. 6. Do not change the Tempo, Time, bpm, or Key (for now). 7. Click Create. [widget:9_steps_guide_design_benifits] 8. ...
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    Elements of Art

    Create a new folder in your Documents named Elements. *+VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL, DIAGONAL, CURVED, AND ZIGZAG+* 1. Open The Gimp 2. Create a new file by selecting *File>New (Ctrl+N)* 3. Use the *Preset: 800x600.* 4. Select the *landscape button.* 5. Select the *Advanced Options* and set the *Colorspace* to *RGB color.* 6. *Fill with: White.* (You will repeat these settings for every ...
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    Principles of Design

    Create a new folder in your Documents named Principles. *+RHYTHM+* 1. Open The Gimp 2. Create a new file by selecting File>New (Ctrl+N) 3. Use the Preset: 800x600. 4. Select the landscape button. 5. Select the Advanced Options and set the Colorspace to RGB color. 6. Fill with: White. (You will repeat these settings for every new file you create.) 7. ...
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    Create Your Own CD Cover Using GIMP

    *+PART 1+* Select a CD from any genre of music. Choose one that you are familiar with. On a separate sheet of paper, sketch a tasteful and creative design for the CD that includes: p((. • The Title p((. • The Artist p((. • Meaningful imagery p((. • Color choices *+PART 2+* Create a new Word document and explain the choices ...
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    Organize your Image Files in iPhoto

    1. Import (Shift+Apple+I) your images into iPhoto. 2. Select your Lessons, Elements, and Principles folders and click Import. 3. Select iPhoto>Preferences>Keywords 4. Create three new keywords: p((. • Lessons p((. • Elements p((. • Principles [widget:9_steps_guide_design_benifits] 5. Assign the appropriate keyword to the appropriate image. 6. Create three new albums in iPhoto: p((. • Lessons Files p((. • Elements of Art ...
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    Creating a Slideshow in iPhoto

    Create three slideshows. One for your digital imaging projects (Melon, Coyote, etc.); one for your Elements of Art images, and one for your Principles of Design images. Use your Jingle from GarageBand in at least one of the slideshows. You may create new jingles for the other two slideshows. *+STEPS+* 1. Select the images you want in your slideshow by using ...
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    Beta Web Site using iWeb

    *+TO CREATE A WEBSITE:+* 1. Double-click the iWeb application icon in your Applications folder. Select File>New Site (Shift+Apple+N). 2. In the template chooser that appears, select 1.0 Themes from the drop-down menu. Now select the Black template below. In the thumbnails on the right, scroll down and select the Blank webpage (the selected template has a yellow border around it). template ...
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    Dreamweaver CS3 workflow overview

    h4. You can use several approaches to create a website; this is one approach: h4. *Plan and set up your site* Determine where the files will go and examine site requirements, audience profiles, and site goals. Additionally, consider technical requirements such as user access, as well as browser, plug‑in, and download restrictions. After you’ve organized your information and determined a structure, ...
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    Create your own Podcast using GarageBand, iPhoto and iWeb

    You will select 8 of your favorite digital imaging files from your Imaging, Elements, and Principles folders and create an 60-80 second podcast. *+PART 1+* 1. Open iPhoto. 2. Select File>New Album… (Apple+N) Create a new album. Name it “art_podcast”. 3. Select the 8 best files that you worked on in The Gimp and drag them into this album. One of ...
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    Digital Painting: Choosing Colors in Photoshop

    Digital Painting: Choosing Colors in Photoshop
    When you paint digitally, one of the most intimidating tasks can be choosing colors. On a traditional palette, you might have 6-12 tubes of paint to work with, but on the computer there are millions of colors available. How do you work with options like that? Here is how I have tackled this problem. Choices: When you install and load Photoshop ...
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    Creating a CD Cover for the Web Using GIMP

    +*CREATING A CD COVER GRAPHIC FOR THE WEB*+ 1. Open your original CD file “yourname_cd2.psd” 2. Crop out the original. 3. Flatten the image 4. Save as “yourname_cd3.xcf” into the "yourname_cd" folder. [widget:9_steps_guide_design_benifits] 5. Experiment with saving/exporting the new file for the web. Try: a. JPEG with high compression/low quality. b. JPEG with low compression/high quality. c. GIF with web palette. ...
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    How to Take Full Webpage Screenshot

    How to Take Full Webpage Screenshot
    There are tons of great website designs on the web out there. Sometimes, web users wanted to take screenshot of the website either for future reference or as collection. The easiest method to use is by hitting the Print Screen and Paste it in MS Paint. But what if we want a full page screenshot? Last time, when I want a ...
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    Getting started with HTML

    This is a short introduction to writing HTML. What is HTML? It is a special kind of text document that is used by Web browsers to present text and graphics. The text includes markup tags such as @@ to indicate the start of a paragraph, and @@ to indicate the end of a paragraph. HTML documents are often referred to as ...
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