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The Role of Color in Marketing

The Role of Color in Marketing

Igor Asselbergs

Today I came across an absolutely great color design that makes tons of money. Really?

Yes, really.

This report:

says has the highest conversion rate of all e-commerce sites, a staggering 30%. In other words: one out of three visitors actually makes a purchase.

Looking at the site I’m not surprised. The site is very, very well designed. All the relevant information is readily available and everywhere you go on the site you’re only a few clicks away from actual purchase. Very neat.

But also the colors are a very important part of the marketing mix.

Here’s an analysis:

*First of all take a good look at the homepage to see how much junk it contains: disclaimers, links, more links, terms of use, awards, mission, etc, etc. It’s incredible. Even more incredible is that all the information doesn’t clutter the homepage. How come?

*All the relevant information is highly contrasted on a white background. All the less relevant information is much less contrasted on a green background. Real simple.

*The white background ‘frames’ the relevant information. Within that frame, you see flowers first, ‘buy now’ buttons next. All the rest hits the eye only later. Why do you see the flowers first? Because they’re not white. They are the opposite of white: an explosion of expressive bright colors. Note that this wouldn’t have worked on say a red background. It’s not about the colors, it’s about how the colors relate to one another.

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