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Create a Business Logo with a Techie Background

Create a Business Logo with a Techie Background

JayHan Sim

Today we are going to learn how to create a stylish business logo with techie background in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial was actually a request by a reader last month, but so sorry that it take so long until now I only manage to write this tutorial and post it up.

As mentioned earlier, the final outcome of this tutorial which shown above, was done by Adobe Illustrator, thanks to its powerful tools and filters. Well to do this tutorial, you need at least CS version or above, and have basic knowledge with it too. I will separate this tutorial into two part: First part is the creation of the logo while the second part is the background.

Part 1: Stylish Business Logo

Step 1: From the sample picture I had from the reader, the logo was created by a series of oval shapes that formed into a circle. So by using Ellipse Tool, create an oval shape, then rotate it about 20 degrees. Apply any color as you like but in this tutorial, I used #5BC1E5.

Step 2: Then we need to create some guidelines for the oval to travel in circle precisely. First, we create a circle and one vertical line and one horizontal line. Select three of them, open up Align Palette and hit Horizontal Align Center and Vertical Align Center. This step is to find out the center rotate point for the oval shape.

Step 3: To make things easier, please enable Smart Guides (Ctrl+U). Then, we place the blue oval shape on top of the circle, with the center point of oval touching the crossing point of the circle guide and vertical line.

Tip: You can use outline view (Ctrl+Y) and zoom in further for more precise result

Step 4: Now we will duplicate and rotate the oval to form the business logo. First, select the blue oval and then select Rotate Tool at the Toolbar. With the help from Smart Guides and guidelines created just now, move your mouse to locate the center point of the guidelines, shown in picture below.

Step 5: As soon as you find the center point, press Alt while hitting left mouse button. The rotate point of the blue oval shape has just set by you. A Rotate window should pop up. According to the sample picture, the logo consists of 10 ovals, so we need to rotate 9 times with angle 36 degrees. So in the Angle field, enter 36 and select Copy. A new oval is duplicated. Then duplicate the process again by hitting Ctrl+D 8 times. You should have the similar final result as picture below.

Step 6: Now we need to 3D rotate it. Remove the guidelines and select all and group the ovals, then open up the 3D Rotate Tool. Enter the numbers like picture below and click ok.

Step 7: Once satisfy with the 3D rotation, expand it (Object > Expand Appearance). Because the current logo is all stick together, so we have to divide them by using Pathfinder’s Divide Tool. After Divide, delete the unwanted shapes that does not belongs to the logo.

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