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iMovie: Podcast Commercial

Kevin Bibo

PROJECT: Podcast Commercial


Choose your favorite 15-30 second commercial currently playing on television. Break it down shot by shot, location by location, and recreate with your Production Company. Use one or more scene breakdowns to deconstruct your commercial. A scene breakdown is an analysis of the practical implications of the script, scene by scene. A breakdown sheet is the standard means for organizing the production elements of each scene or page. These elements have a direct effect on scheduling. Complete one scene breakdown sheet for each different scene (change in time or place) in your commercial. When finished, submit to the CEO for approval.

Now go out and shoot the shots listed in your scene breakdowns using the members of your Production Company. Shoot all the scenes as listed first. Then re-shoot making changes as decided by your group. Capture and edit both versions of the commercial in iMovie HD. The straight recreation goes first, then your Production Company’s version. Complete video projects cannot exceed 1 minute.


Combine all that you’ve learned so far to create your own Internet commercial for your design company. You must complete a Target Audience, Scene Breakdown, and Visual Script before shooting. Make the commercial contemporary, meaningful, and most of all, SELL YOUR PRODUCTION COMPANY! Create a new web page in your web site for your commercial.

Complete a Target Audience, Scene Breakdown and Visual Script, and create a new web page for a :30 second commercial for the Internet. Include the following parts:

STEP 1: Target audience First, working as a group and led by the Producer, answers the following questions:

Who does this commercial wish to reach?

What geographic area does it wish to cover?

What are your company’s main services?

Who are the principal competitors?

What approaches do the competition use?

Next, describe what your major theme will be in the commercial.

What is the main idea you wish to convey?

What is your sales slogan?

How will this slogan be conveyed? (visually, aurally, a jingle etc.)

Finally, indicate what your sales approach will be and why you chose that particular approach. Possible approaches include:

Problem-Solution Approach

Demonstration Approach

Situation Approach

Spokesperson Approach

Product as Star

Direct Response Ad

Scene Breakdown Follow the instruction for part 1 to complete new scene breakdowns for your new commercial.

Visual Script The Producer, Talent, and Camera Operator create a storyboard that identifies all the visual elements of the commercial along with any announcer or performer text and accompanying screen directions.

New Web Page The Webmaster creates a new web page on the Production Company web site for the commercial including information about the project itself.


Turn your visual script into a commercial. Shoot video in the order of the visual script, shot by shot. Jobs:

•Producer: Organizes and lead the team

•Talent: writes the dialogue and performs in front of the camera.

•Camera: operates the camera and edits

•Webmaster: responsible for lighting and creating new web page

•Composer: adds a score to the commercial

•Animator: responsible for sound and adds animated .gif to web page.


•Edit commercial down to :30 seconds and export for web.

•Polish web page and post the commercial.

Export to iWeb

When you project is finished and edited to exactly 30 seconds you are ready to export for the web. Follow these instructions:

1. Save the iMovie

2. Go to Share>QuickTime

3. In the top bar of buttons select iWeb.

4. Click the “Share” button.

5. iWeb will launch. Select the Podcast template.

6. Export to a folder.

7. Import the folder into your company web site.

8. Post to the Intranet.

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