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How to Shoot a Video & Capture a Still Image

Kevin Bibo

PROJECT: How to Shoot a Video

You have been assigned to a Production Company of 3-4 people, with whom you will work throughout the semester. This introductions project is a useful way to get to know each other and to assess how to make best use of the human resources in your group. You will use a camera and lighting techniques. Practice editing your interview in iMovie HD. This project is designed to familiarize you with the use of the camera and lighting techniques. Take turns in your group handling the camera, taking different types of shots in a variety of locations and lighting conditions. Work with the zoom and try some Dutch angels. Play with the digital effects, and working in and out of focus.

You will use a variety of camera moves, sets, costumes, and lighting techniques to interview the members of your Production Company. For the interview, each student is to interview the person who comes next after you alphabetically by last name. The person in the group whose name is alphabetically last is to interview the one whose name is alphabetically first. (e.g., A interviews B, B interviews C, C interviews A).


1. Choose jobs. You may not repeat the same job as last project. These jobs will be the same for the next project.

2. Individually write five appropriate and open-ended questions. These questions may not be repeated in your group. Collect some factual data like name, whether and where your interviewee works and what he or she does, year in school, educational and cultural background, etc. Then pursue some additional background information that has a personal or professional interest (for example, hobbies, pets, children, career aspirations, unusual past events or experiences, travel, etc.). CEO must check questions.

3. Use the video camera and lights to interview each member of the Production Company. Instead of only the Camera Operator controlling the camera, take turns operating the camera as described above. The same goes for the lights. The idea of this assignment is to give everyone and an opportunity to use all of the equipment.

4. You will only be using the camera microphone on this assignment. Make sure that the camera is close enough to subject for them to be heard clearly. Find a quiet location to with no background noise before you shoot.

5. Individually capture the video interview you shot (the one where you operated the camera) to the computer and edit in iMovie HD. Add transitions, titles, effects and audio. Keep your time to 30 seconds. Export for the web.

6. Individually create a new web page for the interview you edited. Save the web page into a new folder using your interviewee’s last name. Create a sub folder called “media.” Place your movie into the “media” folder.

7. Create a still image from your video introduction to use as a link to your video from your new web page. To pull a still from your video, see the instructions below.

8. Place the folder with your interviewee’s last name into the Group Shared folder.

9. The Webmaster will collect the individual folders from the Group Shared folder and create a new introductions web page, and buttons on this page to the new individual pages. When finished, post to your Production Company’s Intranet site.

GUIDE: How do I pull a still image from a video?

1. Open .mov file in QuickTimePro.

2. Select a frame.

3. Select File>Export>Movie to Picture

4. Save the exported file into your documents.

5. Open the exported file in The Gimp

6. Select File>Save a Copy… in JPEG format (add the .jpg file extension).

7. Save into the “media” folder of your web site.

8. Open iPhoto. Drag the .jpg file into the Library.

9. Open the website in iWeb.

10. Place the still on the selected web page.

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