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Make a DVD Portfolio using iDVD

Make a DVD Portfolio using iDVD

Kevin Bibo

PROJECT: DVD Portfolio

Create your own DVD Portfolio including:

1. Five different original images for menu backgrounds.

2. One or more original menu musical scores of loops or student written material.

3. Four original animations for submenu buttons.

4. Eight original images created in class reflecting the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.

5. Eight voiceover descriptions, one for each image.

6. Three original digital video projects.

7. Three voiceover descriptions, one for each video project.

8. A video resume.

9. Personal information about your favorites, hobbies, and future goals.

Part A: Design DVD Menus

1. Storyboard the layout and connectivity of 5 DVD Menus:

• Main Menu

MMCP Semester 1 pictures Submenu

MMCP Semester 2 movies Submenu

• Advanced Multimedia work Submenu

• Personal Information Submenu

2. Choose an overall design for the DVD that includes attention to fonts, color choice, layout, and button styles and transitions.

3. Remember to always include a BACK button.

4. DO NOT use any previously created theme.

PART B: Portfolio Setup

1. Create a new folder in your documents folder. Name this new folder “yourname_portfolio”.

2. Create a new subfolder within this folder and name it “media.” You’ll use this subfolder later to hold your pictures.

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