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iMovie Music Video

Kevin Bibo

PROJECT: Music Video


1. Crew Up: All crewmembers choose new jobs.

2. Working as a group, choose an appropriate song for your new video by a local band. You can also create your own song using GarageBand.

3. Get song approved by CEO.

4. Complete preproduction notebook. Get notebook approval.

5. Shoot your video. Remember to include some live audio and lip sync.

6. Edit your video.

7. Use the “Music Video” title in iMovie HD. Make sure that “QuickTime Margins” is deselected!

8. Export for the web and post to a new web page in your Production Company web site.

9. Hand in the completed video on mini-dv tape (see instructions that follow).

GUIDE: How do I export my video to DV camera

1. Put the DV tape in camera. Make sure it is cued up to the location on the tape where you want to record your movie. You may need to export the movie twice to get a clean copy.

2. Plug the camera into the computer using firewire.

3. Launch iMovie HD and open project

4. Select Share > Video Camera.

5. Click “Share,” iMovie HD will do the rest.

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