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Create your own Podcast using GarageBand, iPhoto and iWeb

Kevin Bibo

You will select 8 of your favorite digital imaging files from your Imaging, Elements, and Principles folders and create an 60-80 second podcast.


1. Open iPhoto.

2. Select File>New Album… (Apple+N) Create a new album. Name it “art_podcast”.

3. Select the 8 best files that you worked on in The Gimp and drag them into this album. One of them must be your Original CD cover.

4. Using Word, or on a separate sheet of paper, write about each individual image describing:

• The original assignment.

• How you created the image include what tools you used and how you applied them.

• What message you are trying to communicate in the image.

5. You will read this text for each image in your podcast.


1. Open GarageBand.

2. Select New Podcast Episode.

3. Save As: “yourname_art_podcast”

4. Select the Photos button in the Media Browser.

5. Select the “art_podcast” album from the list. Your selected images should appear in the window below.

6. Drag the first image in onto the Podcast Track.

7. Select the appropriate Voice track.

8. Click the Record button (big red dot) in the tool bar to begin recording. Now read your description written in step 4 of part 1. Your reading should not last longer than 10 seconds!

9. Select the Podcast Track. Select the region for the first image. Click the far right side of the region and drag to the left until you reach the end of the Voice track

10. Drag the second image onto the Podcast Track and repeat steps 8 and 9.

11. Repeat until all 8 images have been moved onto the Podcast Track and all 8 voice narrations have been recorded. Your whole podcast should be no shorter than 60 and no longer than 80 seconds.

12. Select one of the 8 images to represent the Episode Artwork. Drag this image onto the Episode Artwork drop zone.

13. In the Chapter Title column, type a Title for each image in your podcast.

14. In the Media Browser select the Audio button.

15. Under GarageBand select your jingle.

16. Drag your jingle file onto the Jingles track. You will have to drag it there at least twice, and perhaps three times if your podcast exceeds 60 seconds.

17. In the Jingles Mixer slide the volume slider down to the left so that the Jingle does not overpower the Voice track narration.

18. Leave the Radio Sounds track empty!

19. Save (Apple+S) the podcast.

20. Share>Send Podcast to iWeb. Select a podcast template page from the Black 1.0 Theme.

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