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Creating a Slideshow in iPhoto

Kevin Bibo

Create three slideshows. One for your digital imaging projects (Melon, Coyote, etc.); one for your Elements of Art images, and one for your Principles of Design images. Use your Jingle from GarageBand in at least one of the slideshows. You may create new jingles for the other two slideshows.


1. Select the images you want in your slideshow by using one of the following methods:

- To use an entire film roll or album, click it in the Source list (in the top-left corner of the iPhoto window).

- To pick and choose among the images in an album or your library, open the album or library and hold down the Command key () as you click each image you want.

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2. Click the Slideshow button in the toolbar.

3. Drag the slideshow images into the order you want in the image browser at the top of the iPhoto window.

4. DO NOT use Effects.

5. Click the Settings button and specify the following for the entire slideshow: the display duration (3-5 seconds), transition, direction and the speed. Add background music (your Jingle and other original compositions).

6. Select “Scale photos to fill screen.”

7. DO NOT use the Ken Burns Effect.

8. Show titles and slideshow controls, but not ratings.

9. Select “Repeat music during slideshow.”

10. Select File>Export (Shift++E). Save as “yourname_ss_lessons” “yourname_ss_elements” and “yourname_ss_principles”. Place in hand-in folder.

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