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Create Your Own CD Cover Using GIMP

Kevin Bibo


Select a CD from any genre of music. Choose one that you are familiar with.

On a separate sheet of paper, sketch a tasteful and creative design for the CD that includes: p((. • The Title

• The Artist

• Meaningful imagery

• Color choices


Create a new Word document and explain the choices you have made for your new design. Write your responses as a narrative (paragraph format). Specifically answer the following:

1. What is the artist’s distinctive style? (ex. Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, Country, Classical)

2. Describe the content of the CD? Is there an overarching theme or message?

3. Why did you choose the colors?

4. Why did you choose the images?

5. How is your CD cover different from the original?


1. Create a new folder in your Documents folder named “yourname_cd”.

2. Scan the original CD cover at 72 ppi and open in The Gimp.

3. Save the file as “yourname_cd2.xcf”

4. Change the canvas size to include an equal area adjacent to the original on the right.

• (Ex. If the original is 350×350 pixels, add an additional 350 pixels to the right for your new image.)

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5. Create your CD cover in the space to the right of the original. Artwork sources may include:

• Original artwork

• Scanned images

• Digital camera images

• The Internet

6. Name all of your layers.

7. Use all of the tools and methods we have learned so far including:

• All the tools

• Selections

• Layers

• Painting and Editing

• Blending Methods and Gradients

• The Elements of Art

• The Principles of Design

8. When finished DO NOT FLATTEN THE IMAGE and place a copy in the “hand-in” folder.

9. Print a copy of the Word doc and hand it in along with your original sketch to your instructor.

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