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Write Your Own Jingle in GarageBand

Kevin Bibo

Use the loops in GarageBand to create your own 30-second jingle.


1. Create a new folder (Apple + N) in your documents named “yourname_tunes”.

2. Open GarageBand.

3. Select New Music Project.

4. Name the file “yourname_band.”

5. Save in your Documents>yourname_tunes folder.

6. Do not change the Tempo, Time, bpm, or Key (for now).

7. Click Create.

8. If open, close the keyboard by clicking the red button in the upper left hand corner.

9. Delete the Grand Piano Track by selecting Track>Delete Track (+Delete)

10. Click the Eye in the lower left corner to bring up the loops. Resize the window if necessary.

11. Use a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 different musical loops to create your own 30-second jingle.

12. Do not use any of the preset Jingles in GarageBand, you must create your own original jingle!

13. Save (Apple + S) into the GarageBand folder inside of your Music folder when finished.

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