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How to Make a Portfolio

How to Make a Portfolio

Valerie Atkisson/ArtBistro

How Do I Create a Portfolio?

Go to Portfolios. Click on Go to My Portfolios. Click on Create New Gallery. Name the Album in the space provided. Select a category. Check public or private. Fill in description. Click Continue

NOTE: By selecting descriptive titles for your portfolio, you make it easier for someone to find your images when they search the site for art work. For example: Paintings, Sculpture, or Graphic Design.

NOTE: If you load your art images into the Profile Folder and not a new album, you will not receive credit for loading photos in your reputation score.

How to Upload Images into the Portfolio.

Click on Upload Images to this Gallery. Click on Browse. select image(s) to upload. Click Continue. Enter Title and Description of work. This is also a good place to put the year made, dimensions and the medium. Click Continue.

NOTE: Only upload jpg files under 2 MB. I would recommend loading small size files 1 MB or smaller. This will make it hard for someone to print your work out.

My Images are square and out of proportion!

Don’t be fooled. Those are the thumbnails. If you click on them they go to the original size and proportion, then you can click on the arrows to the right or left and browse through the portfolio.

How can making a portfolio help me?

  • People searching the site for art, illustrations, fashion design, etc. will be able to contact you.
  • You will receive feedback on your work from friends and ArtBistro members.
  • You can post the link to your portfolio in the discussions forum
  • It is a good idea to send a personal message to the artist who’s work you rate or comment on. That way they will be able to respond and rate and comment on your work too.

Once your images are loaded and you have created a paragraph bio in your profile, submit it be considered for the monthly ArtBistro Art Gallery or the ArtBistro Design Gallery. Then you work will also be featured on the home page.

Make a portfolio here.

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