How to Take Full Webpage Screenshot

How to Take Full Webpage Screenshot

Jayhan Sim

There are tons of great website designs on the web out there. Sometimes, web users wanted to take screenshot of the website either for future reference or as collection. The easiest method to use is by hitting the Print Screen and Paste it in MS Paint. But what if we want a full page screenshot?

Last time, when I want a full site screenshot, I did print screen page by page and then join it back in Photoshop. Clever. But the tools below maked me look so stupid.

Firefox Add-on: Screengrab!

Screengrab! saves the entire webpage as images. Once installed, the Screengrab! icon appears at the bottom bar of Firefox browser. You can either choose to save or copy to clipboard. Output format is in PNG. It is Best used for quick screen grabbing and saving. However, it cannot take screenshots of flash content sites.

Firefox Add-on: FireShot

FireShot is a Firefox extension that creates and edits screenshots of web pages. Unlike other extensions, this plugin provides a set of editing and annotation tools, which let users quickly modify captures and insert text and graphical annotations. Such functionality is especially useful for web designers, testers and content reviewers.

The Fireshot button appears at the right side of search bar. And like Screengrab!, it can’t capture flash content. I use Screengrab! more often, but I found that FireShot is more useful.

Web: Super Screenshot

Superscreenshot is a website that lets you enter a URL, and will give you the website screenshots in return. The URL entered can be save as full page with full original size either in JPG (compressed) or png (best quality, but takes some time to load). Again, it can’t capture flash content sites. Plus the screenshot width is narrow, about 900 pixels only. This means that content that wider than 900px will be cropped.

There is alternative site which is Browser Shots, but normally people use it to test how the site looks in different browsers.

Application: WebShot

WebShot allows you to take screenshots of web pages and save them as full sized images or thumbnails. Screenshot images can be outputed in the JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP formats. The application is very flexible, you can set the width for the screenshot, and if you did not set the height, it will capture a whole page.

The best part is, this one successfully captures flash content sites. But, flash sites normally takes more time to load, so to capture flash sites, I suggests to set the Timeouts for document for more than 30 seconds, depends on how fast your line is. It is free to use too.

End Note Above are the 4 methods to take full web screenshots faster and smarter. If you have other methods, feel free to tell me.

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