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How to Varnish a Painting


There is a recommended procedure in varnishing a picture. Retouching Varnish is considered a temporary varnish and it is applied when the surface of the painting is dry to the touch. Final Picture Varnish is applied only when the painting is thoroughly dry.

A painting with a moderate impasto or thinly applied paint layers can receive a final picture varnish anytime after six months of drying. A painting with heavy impasto should dry between one and two years after completion of the painting. Varnish a picture on a day with low humidity and a painted surface free from moisture.

Make sure that the large bristle brush you use is free of moisture. Also, clean the surface of the painting with a soft, lint-free cloth. Lay the painting in a flat or upright position on your easel and apply the varnish methodically one area at a time to make sure every part is covered. Work in a correct angle to the light so you can see the areas which have hot been touched.

After a few days dry spots may appear, this is caused by greater absorbency in certain areas. Simply rub a small amount of Utrecht Linseed Oil in that area to restore the normal shine and carefully wipe off any excess.

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