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Archival Mounting Products


Linen tape is the most common product for archivally mounting works on paper, though Lineco also makes a paper tape for the same purpose. The original version of mounting tape has a water-activated adhesive that must be moistened to make it stick. A self-adhesive alternative has also been developed.

Framer’s corners are archival plastic film triangles that work like oversized photo corners. For photographs large enough that the mat overlaps an inch or so of the artwork, these are ideal.

Small, thin pieces can be mounted using a dry transfer adhesive like Studio-tac. This product is distributed with a transfer sheet, which allows tiny dots of adhesive to be rubbed onto the back of the artwork, which becomes like a sticker, and can adhere to a board.

3M manufactures a spray contact adhesive called PhotoMount. This can be applied like any other contact cement, with the added benefit that it is a stable, archival glue safe for original artwork.

Framing in your Studio

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