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Framing in Your Studio


For professionals who depend on the sale of artwork for their livelihood, framing costs have to be kept low, without compromising quality. While professional frame shops are an option for occasional jobs, for most artists having every piece framed professionally is just not economically feasible. Utrecht offers many presentation solutions that keep costs reasonable without compromising professional results.

Ready-made Frames

For those producing works of art in quantity such as printmakers and photographers, or just extremely prolific painters, a good strategy is to work to standard frame sizes. This ensures that styles always match, and often mats are included. Utrecht now offers an improved Ash Studio Frame, in all standard sizes, deep enough for stretched canvases. Available in gallery-standard black or easy-to-finish natural, the Studio Frame now comes complete with archival matting in most sizes. For works on paper, these are ready to use right out of the package, or the natural finish can be stained, waxed, oiled or painted for a custom look.

Nielsen sectional frames have been a favorite of professionals for decades. No other manufacturer has done so much to make in-studio framing easy and trouble free. Smaller sizes can be purchased assembled with glass and mats, and larger or non-standard dimensions can be put together with a screwdriver; just add your own glass and mat.

For outdoor festivals, where lower-end works sell like hotcakes, inexpensive frames make it easy for collectors to purchase, transport and display their newfound treasures. European clip frames and plastic box frames are priced so low, sometimes they’re cheaper than a mat! “Sunshine artists” should buy these in quantity.

Your Own Frame Shop

Investing in your own framing equipment can dramatically reduce long-term presentation expenses, and ensure you always get exactly what you want. With a miter saw, manual disk sander, V-nail joiner and fitting tool, virtually any framing task can be accomplished right in the studio, including cradling panels. Your art objects receive the careful handling only you can give. Work in any size you like; fractions of an inch are no problem when you make your own frames. Combine plain, unfinished moldings from the lumberyard to make your own custom profiles, and use Utrecht acrylics and oils to finish them.

Well-framed artwork is a pleasure to make and own.

Framing Materials

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