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Moneygami: The Art of Paper Money Folding

Moneygami: The Art of Paper Money Folding

Jayhan Sim

There is a Chinese quotation said that money is not everything, but without money you can’t do many things, including this. Introducing the art of moneygami, where origami meets paper money. I have seen many people use money paper to fold a heart shape or something simple, but Hasegawa Yousuke has taken paper money folding to the next level.

Hasegawa Yousuke (長谷川洋介) turns the conventional paper money to some sort of fashion show. He fold based on the portrait of the paper note, giving them a hat or even clothes, turning them into a character. Originally he used the Japanese 1000 yen paper money (the portrait is Teurban Noguchi) as premium folding medium, but he also used other countries’ paper note to fold as well. The result is really amazing and it actually created a buzz in Japan.

Above are some examples of his moneygami works, you can check out more Moneygami works of Hasegawa Yousuke here (Teurban Noguchi) and here (International). I am really impress on his creativity and imagination on how to create those Moneygami that looks really good.

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