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Artist Painting Surfaces ( i.e. Canvas)


There are three primary support materials used in traditional painting. Here are some quick facts about each.

Cotton Duck Canvas – The most commonly used cloth support for painting. Cotton Duck &ab=1 is economical, archival, and available in widths and weights to suit every possible painting application.

Linen Canvas- Once the common utility cloth of Medieval Europe, Linen is now considered a luxury fiber. Paintings on linen have a rich, traditional look, with surface qualities like old pictures in museums. Formal portraits are almost always painted on linen. Though more costly than cotton, several varieties of Belgian Linen &ab=1 are cheaper per square inch than many papers!

Hardboard – A manufactured wood, Hardboard can be an excellent support for paint, due to its complete lack of grain and smooth surface. Hardboard for painting should be completely free from grease or wax preservatives. Ampersand Hardbord, Gessobord and Claybord &ab=1 are conveniently prepared hardboard panels guaranteed suitable for permanent painting.

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