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Adobe Premiere Pro: Producing Flash Output Part 1

Adobe Premiere Pro: Producing Flash Output Part 1

FLV encoding presets separated by codec, video standard, and data rate.

Jan Ozer

Flash video is a popular streaming format for Internet and intranet use. The Adobe Media Encoder can produce Flash video in the FLV format, but not the SWF format, which contains the metadata required to make a Flash video executable online.

If you’ve used the Flash 8 Video Encoder, the process will look very familiar, since Premiere Pro uses many of the same controls. Even if you’re a total newbie, however, you’ll find the controls very simple. Assuming you’ve got your project completed and ready to render, here are the steps.

1. Choose File > Export > Adobe Media Encoder.

2. In the Export Settings area located in the upper-right corner of the dialog box, click the Format drop-down menu and choose Macromedia Flash Video (FLV).

3. In the Export Settings area, click the Range drop-down menu and choose the target Range (either Entire Sequence or Work Area).

4. In the Export Settings area, click the Preset drop-down menu and choose the target Preset (Image above).


The FLV7 presets use the older Sorenson Spark Codec, which produces far less quality than the On2 VP6 codec used in the FLV8 presets. Only choose FLV7 if required for backward compatibility with older players or computers.

5. Click the Video tab to open the Video settings.

6. In the Video tab, click the Options button to open the Flash Video Encoding Settings dialog box.

For Better Flash Video Quality

Premiere Pro uses one-pass, constant bitrate (CBR) encoding for Flash video, which works well for low-motion (talkinghead) videos at higher data rates. If your projects involve high-motion video or low bitrates, or you’re not satisfied with the quality produced by Premiere Pro, consider a thirdparty encoder like On2’s Flix Pro or Sorenson Squeeze. These tools utilize 2-pass, variable bitrate techniques that produce better quality than the singlepass, CBR output produced by Premiere Pro.

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