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Adobe Premiere Pro/Audition: Increase low-volume regions

Adobe Premiere Pro/Audition: Increase low-volume regions

Audition’s Normalize dialog box

Jan Ozer

In conjunction with Normalizing Audio in Premiere Pro and Audition-

To increase low-volume regions in Audition, do the following:

1. In the Display area, click and drag in the waveform to select the quiet regions.

2. Choose Effects > Amplitude > Normalize (process).

3. If the default parameters shown in Figure 74c suit your needs (usually, they will), click OK to apply the effect.


that the selected region in the audio file in Figure 74c has already been normalized, and if you compare the volume to image here-, you’ll see that it has been substantially increased by the normalization effect.

Audition Will Drive You Crazy if You Don’t Know This One

Got your attention, didn’t I? Audition grays out most effect controls, including Normalization, when you pause rather than stop audio playback. To make the controls active, click the black “Stop” button in the upper-left corner of the Transport panel.

Still Not Loud Enough?

If normalizing the low-volume regions doesn’t boost volumes to the required level, try increasing the volume using the Amplify effect (Effects > Amplitude > Amplify). As long as the waveform doesn’t flatten out at the top or exceed the 0 dB levels, you shouldn’t introduce any distortion into the audio.

Audio Getting Noisy?

Boosting volume through the Normalization or Amplify effects invariably seems to introduce noise into the audio.

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