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Adobe Premiere: What the Fast Color Corrector Tools Do

Adobe Premiere: What the Fast Color Corrector Tools Do

You're now in the "wiggle the controls until it looks right" phase of the adjustment; here's your toolset.

Jan Ozer

There are several tools within the Fast Color Corrector to help you fine-tune your video. Top to bottom, here’s what they do:

Hue Angle

Controls the outer ring of the color wheel; rotating left shifts the colors toward green; rotating right shifts them toward red.

Balance Magnitude

Controls correction intensity. This corresponds to the ball on the end of the Color Correction widget, with more intense adjustments produced further from the center.

Balance Gain

According to the user manual, Balance Gain controls the “coarseness or fineness of the Balance Magnitude and Balance Angle Adjustments,” and corresponds to the crossbar in the middle of the Color Correction widget. I use it to fine-tune these adjustments, and find it easier to adjust by dragging over the numerical values than dragging the crossbar directly.

Balance Angle

Controls which colors are adjusted. Generally, when fixing a colorcast, you’re moving away from a color, as shown in image above, which is pointed away from blue to cure a bluish colorcast.


Controls color saturation, or the intensity of the color. When adjusting Balance Magnitude or Balance Angle, you’re changing the actual colors in the frame, while saturation makes these colors more or less vivid.

Adjusting White Balance with the Fast Color Corrector

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