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Design a Successful Greeting Card Line

Design a Successful Greeting Card Line

Carolyn Edlund | ArtsyShark

What makes this line successful? Many different factors:

Sales reps from two rep groups have given her lots of exposure.

• She has a professional website, which presents her work to retailers. (She is not selling retail from the site).

• Louisa has a paper catalog and sends samples along with it to potential accounts.

• She targets more upscale retailers who can handle her retail pricepoint and do well with it.

• Her style is clean, whimsical and charming. People connect instantly with the designs and love the added handmade touch. Her paper is a heavy card stock, with scalloped edges and translucent envelopes.

• A $150 minimum opening order with $50 reorders makes the line easy for wholesale buyers to try with little risk.

• Her line is “amusing, surprising and inspiring” with touches such as windows and colored dot brads which provide different and fun formats to the cards.

• Counter cards (individual cards) and boxed sets of Thank You and Notecards are available.

Although Louisa considers herself “fortunate that people discovered me”, she is an excellent example of how we make our own luck. If you are an aspiring greeting card designer, consider how you are going about creating and marketing your line.

Take a critical look – are your designs visually strong, easily recognizable and impactful? What is special about your line – including the paper, envelopes and format? Is your line large enough to provide variety and be taken seriously?

How are you marketing – trade shows, internet, sales reps, catalogs, or other methods? To drive traffic to your website, are you optimizing incoming links which will provide a pathway to your prospective customers?

Louisa recalls that she “tried everything and made many mistakes along the way”. One of the greatest reasons she has been successful with her line is the sheer persistence she has shown in growing and adapting even in a tough economy. She continues to develop her line, using concepts and embellishments in new and unexpected ways to create “whimsical artistry with clever musing, playful illustration and heartfelt pondering.”

Make a plan and set goals for your business. Be willing to change and take suggestions from mentors and other professionals. Be persistent and work from the heart.

Got a card line you are launching? Please comment and link to your website!

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