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Design a Successful Greeting Card Line

Design a Successful Greeting Card Line

Carolyn Edlund | ArtsyShark

Eight years ago, Louisa Huang was working on her PhD in Education Administration when she made the decision to stay at home with her children. At the same time, a friend encouraged her to design a card line based on a charming birthday invitation Louisa had created for her son’s party.

Completely self-taught, Louisa designed about 30 greeting cards, forming her line which is known as Paper Musings. Simple yet elegant, these cards are printed professionally. Louisa and an assistant then hand-apply glitter, rhinestones, quilled paper, felt and other attachments to make each card very special.

Her first step was to pound the pavement near her California home, approaching independent stores with her products. When no buyer was available for an appointment, she left samples. About half of the stores decided to try her line, and her business was born. One buyer passed a sample along to a sales rep they knew who got in touch with Louisa. Eventually she met with the rep group manager and they signed an agreement to take her line into their showroom, and on the road via their reps.


The first suggestion made to her by the reps? Double the size of your line! She diligently kept creating, and now has about 250 different titles. Louisa indicates that birthday, wedding and baby cards are her most popular.

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