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VivoZoom – a New PhotoStock Service

VivoZoom – a New PhotoStock Service

Doug Farrick

From time to time I have decided that I am going to share some cool resources that I use or find particularly compelling not only because I am a bit of a “techie” but also love sharing these finds with others.

So if you DO find these tips/resources valuable to your art/creative/photo business I would love to hear about it OR if YOU find any particularly compelling please let me know.

Today, I wanted to mention a new Photostock site called Vivozoom.

Like many others, I have used (and paid thousands) to use iStockphoto for all sorts of projects and have been very happy with them overall.

Actually when they first started a number of years back they came out of the blocks fast by offering most images for only $1! which was unheard of at the time. The competition at the time was with the big photo houses like Corbis Images and Getty Images which charged hundreds of dollars per photo.

But lately, it seems everything I buy is 10 credits and up (the equivalent of $10) so their prices have snuck up drastically!

Enter Vivozoom. They are a new photostock service of course and have two main USP (unique selling propositions) they are highlighting to differentiate themselves from iStockphoto mostly and all the other ones as well.

The first differentiating point is that they GUARANTEE it’s images are legally safe to use. This is a biggie. With all the recent litigation sounding image rights this can really provide peace of mind for many. Read more about their image warranty.

Second, they are at least 40-80% cheaper than istockphoto (I love how they put this up top in bright orange type – no secret who they are in competition with!) See the chart – 40%-80% Cheaper than iStockphoto.

Finally, with a new photo stock service the initial problem is the just don’t have the breadth of a much larger site like iStockphoto but I was pleasantly surprised when searching on some obscure topics that I came up with some terrific results.

All in all, I think Vivozoom definitely warrants serious consideration when buying (or looking to buy) stock images for your projects.

Disclosure: I have not received payment from Vivozoom or am I an affiliate of them. Just a pleasantly pleased new customer.

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