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Creatives: 8 Surefire Ways to Break Writer’s Block

Creatives: 8 Surefire Ways to Break Writer’s Block

Jeff Hindenach | ArtBistro

Go for a Walk/Jog

Exercise can release endorphins that not only make you happy and energetic but are known to help make the brain function better. If you are stuck for words, strap on your running shoes and head outside for a quick job. If you need something even faster or with less impact, do some jumping jacks in front of your computer or sit-ups on your bedroom floor. Stuck at work? Take a walk around the block a few times to get the blood pumping.

Pick up a Book

Reading can be the best way to get into the creative writing mood. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a classic novel, pick anything you enjoy reading. Reading stimulates the language part of the brain — which is exactly the part you need for writing. It can also give you inspiration about vocabulary, tone, and flow.

Do Something that Inspires You

If you love to cook, get in the kitchen and start working. If you love to draw, break out your sketchbook. Creativity often breeds creativity. Exercising one part of your brain can also help stimulate other parts of your brain, so try to do something that’s completely different from writing.

Just Start Writing

One of the most common cures for writer’s block is to get something, anything down on paper. It sounds difficult when you have a block, but just writing whatever comes to mind can get you putting your ideas on paper and help your brain make sense of things. Even if it’s just a stream of consciousness, you can go back and edit it later. The point is to break the block by forcing your brain to forge ahead.

Remember, writing is both creative and functional. It can tax the brain heavily, so make sure you are taking plenty of breaks and feeding your brain what it needs. Try these tips, and you should be writing again in no time!

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