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How To Build a Better Home Studio

Nealeigh Mitchell l ArtBistro

Balance the Budget

The refrigerator’s siren call is hard to ignore when you’re a few bounds from its doors. Not only could your waistline expand, but your shopping list could double as well. Household expenses tend to skyrocket if you’re clocking in more time at home, so keep a handle on energy suckers and seek out money-saving alternatives.

To keep your utility bill in check, opt for energy efficient equipment around the house. For example, a high-efficiency air conditioner can slash your cooling expenses, And changing your air filters can ease the strain on your appliances.

Unless you’ve got a windowed office, you’ll likely be flipping the switch more often. Replace standard light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent lights). They use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer. Also, hard as it may be, don’t do extra loads of laundry or dishwashing just because you’re there.

Now for the good news. Did you know that your home office can actually save you money? You are able to claim tax deductions on a percentage of your mortgage interest, rental payments, office equipment and even utilities if you can prove the items are used for regular and exclusive business purposes.

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