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Essential Photoshop Shortcuts

Essential Photoshop Shortcuts

Lauren Krause |

When you are working on a design, do you have to use the Tools Palette at all in Photoshop or have your fingers memorized the shortcuts?

Not using the Photoshop key commands is a sure way to slow yourself down; it’s frustrating to not be able to work as fast as your mind can think! The Tools Palette

It is essential to learn the shortcuts for the tools you use most often. As I was writing this, it was very difficult for me to remember exactly which key I push to get these tools, my fingers just know what to do when my mind says “I need the _____ tool.” The following list is ordered the way they are on the Tools Palette: top to bottom, first the left column and then the right. The letter is the hotkey or shortcut, then I listed the tool name, other tools under the first one and then what the tools do.

M=Marquee Tool, to make round, square or single row or column selections quickly

L=Lasso Tool, also the Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso Tools, to make freehand selections, straight selections or selections that roughly go around the border of an object (best if the object is in high contrast to its background)

C=Crop, to make the canvas of the image smaller or larger

J=Healing Brush, to fix blotches, blemishes, scratches and other unwanted noise. Averages the color of the area being cloned and uses the texture of the target area.

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