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5 Tips for Picking Colors for Your Home

5 Tips for Picking Colors for Your Home

Igor Asselbergs / Livelygrey

How to pick colors for your home:

Think combinations, not colors.

Picking colors is in fact about picking a combination of colors. One color is no color. Did you know the human eye can’t even perceive single colors? We can only see color differences, in other words: we only perceive contrasts. Therefor it’s no use fretting over a single color for your walls. Because the million dollar question is: how does that wall color relate to the existing color of your floor.

Start with the colors you can’t change.

Obviously, a palette is made up of different colors that need to fit together. If you want to paint your room and you have colors you cannot change, like flooring, curtains or furniture, they still need to be part of the palette. Therefor always keep them in mind when picking the rest of the colors. As a rule of thumb, you start with the colors with the smallest range and work towards the widest range. For instance: look at your existing flooring and furniture first, then pick the new curtains, and finish with the wall color.

Get inspired.

There are many ways to get inspired. You can search the web. You can pick a flower and match its colors to a paint fan deck. You can take any picture or painting you like and extract colors from it. It’s really not that hard. Just pick something that inspires you and match it to paint colors to produce a great palette. A few hints to keep in mind when making a palette: • Try to include light as well as dark colors. Remember: contrasts are key. • If you go for greys, pick at least one bright color to accentuate. • If you go for bright colors, combine it with at least one shade of grey to provide your palette with a neutral tone.

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