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Software Developer = Saravanan Thirumuruganathan
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This is a free productivity Chrome extension. You can set it up so that you can block certain sites for certain times in order to up your productivity. Here are some descriptive excerpts from the extension installation page:----- Chrome Nanny is a Chrome extension which can keep your browsing habits in check. Do you spend more time on facebook than on work ? Do you spend time more time in Google Reader or Digg or Hacker News or youtube watching kittens and later wished you had not spent as much time ? Do you want to know how much you spent on Flickr ? If so , Chrome Nanny is for you.-----Chrome Nanny allows you to block URLs at certain times in a day or limit to certain number of minutes or both . So you can block facebook from 9AM-5PM or to a maximum of 60 minutes a day or both. You can also group URLs to be blocked into block sets. Unlike Leech Block, you can have as many blocksets as you want. You can use regular expressions to specify the site you want to block. This means you can block any URL with the word "kitten" in it. (See FAQ for details). -----If you just want to find how much time you spend on some site, Chrome Nanny can do it too ! Just add the domain in the White Listed URL. Such URLs are not blocked but tracked. Chrome Nanny also has the concept of "Tags" which allows you to group URLs based on your own classification. There is also a "Statistics" page which can chart how you spent your time.-----In short, if you have used Leech Block for Firefox , you will be comfortable using Chrome Nanny. Additional instructions are given in the "Instructions" tab of the extension's Options page.-----FYI, I tried Leech Block on Firefox and it has yet to work but Chrome Nanny has worked fine. Also, just in case, all Chrome extensions can be disabled at any time by clicking on the wrench icon in the upper right corner, then Tools, then Extensions, then Disable on whichever extension you want to disable.

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    Account Removed, Fri, 11 Mar 2011 04:38:44 UTC.
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    Great for decreasing time drains. However, it could be a bit more user friendly. Still, I haven't found anything else like it, so far.

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    seotoolinfo, Sat, 27 Apr 2013 15:38:39 UTC.

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