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    Top 22 Art Museums in America

    by BAR Photography via Flickr They say that in order to understand today, you have to understand yesterday - and what better way to get in touch with your artistic roots than to explore the art of the past? We've gathered the top 22 U.S. museums that surely won’t disappoint, based on amount of artwork available to see, frequency of ...
    Published over 8 years ago | Rated: +5
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    Quiz: What Is Your Logo IQ? Answers

    Quiz: What Is Your Logo IQ? Answers
    ArtBistro created the What Is Your Logo IQ? Answers quiz to help you learn more about all the winter holidays. We're providing the answers so you can learn from the quiz, but... Don't cheat! If you haven't taken the What Is Your Logo IQ? Answers quiz, go take it first. Next: See answers on the next page → [page] 1. Nike ...
    Published over 9 years ago | Rated: +48
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    Tim Burton's Monsters Take the MoMA

    Tim Burton at MoMA Entrance to MoMA's Special Exhibitions Gallery Entrance designed by TwoSeven Inc. Photo credit: Michael Locasiano TIM BURTON AT MOMA New York, NY - November 17, 2009—The Museum of Modern Art presents Tim Burton, a major retrospective exploring the full scale of Tim Burton’s career, both as a director and concept artist for live-action and animated films, ...
    Published over 9 years ago | Rated: +20
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    Burning Obama Sculpture, A Hot Controversy

    Liu Bolin, "Burning Man Obama", 2009, Bronze and pyrotechnics, Courtesy Eli Klein Fine Art h4. A New Art Star Is Born Until recently, few people had heard of Liu Bolin. He is one of 40 Chinese artists represented by "Eil Klein Fine Art": in Soho. [widget:school_finder_intro] [widget:3362] What happened to catapult his career into the stratosphere? It was a perfect ...
    Published over 9 years ago | Rated: +7
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    The 411 on Non-Profit Galleries

    The 411 on Non-Profit Galleries
    You may wonder what non-profit galleries are or why you might want to show your work in one. Let ArtBistro guide you through all you need to know about non-profit galleries; and then take the ArtBistro tour of some of the top non-profits around the country! Non-profit galleries typically show the work of younger lesser know artists, with sometimes edgier or ...
    Published over 9 years ago | Rated: +21

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