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Name That Font

You may be an artist or graphic designer, but do you know your way around fonts? Find out!


Name That Font II: Advanced Version

Aced our Name That Font quiz? Not so fast, the challenge isn’t over. Find out if you’re really a fonts master!


The ArtBistro Career Coach

Are you following the right path in your creative career? ArtBistro's Career Coach will help you figure out which line of art and design is best for you. This intensive assessment will take about 5 minutes to complete, but it’s well worth it to identify your strengths and figure out your ideal creative career path.


What is Your Ideal Work Environment?

Everyone works more efficiently in office types that fit their personality. Whether it be in a war bunker or poolside, our surroundings can dictate how efficient we are at work. Which work environment is best for you?


What Is Your Logo IQ?

How well do you know your logos? Match the logo with the right company or entity and you'll prove your mastery. Some of these are old school, so beware!