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Couture Challenge Winners

Valerie Atkisson | ArtBistro

October 22, 2009

This summer ArtBistro hosted the “Couture Challenge,” a contest for fashion designers on ArtBistro. We received hundreds of wonderful portfolios of talented designers from all over the country. Finalists were selected based upon the creativity of the fashion design samples, but also the cohesiveness of the portfolio itself. Fifteen portfolios made it to the finalist round. Then we handed the judging over to you. You voted on your favorite portfolios and selected the winners.

I interviewed the first, second, and third place prize winners to find out more about them, their designs and motivations. I know you’d want to get to know them better and see more of their work. So here they are:

3rd Place David Chum

How did you start out being a fashion designer/illustrator?

I used to draw fashion illustrations of ball gowns when I was a child. I took one sewing class in junior high and learned how to sew a pillow, then I went on to design costumes competitively in high school and did very well. I was too scared to go to school in NYC on my own, so I went to school for fine arts at the Art Institute of Boston. I have a BFA from there. I got bored in my studio, so I finally decided to take the dive and bought some pattern books. I figured if I can teach myself to draft and sew then I’ll do it. A year later, we have Selah D’or.

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