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Sarah Jessica Parker on Bringing Art to Reality

Sarah Jessica Parker on Bringing Art to Reality

Sarah Jessica Parker © Patrick McMullan Photography

Sara Douglas | ARTINFO

October 12, 2009

NEW YORK—“I love art,” says actress Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for playing Carrie in the long-running TV series Sex and the City. “I know virtually nothing about it; I’m an enthusiast. But it can be an intimidating world. People think of it as rarefied, but if you look at anybody’s home there is art” of some kind.

Parker has been making headlines lately not for Sex and the City-related drama but rather for The Untitled Art Project, a Project Runway-style reality show that Parker’s production company, Pretty Matches, is creating for Bravo in collaboration with Magical Elves, the firm responsible for Project Runway and Top Chef.

ARTINFO spoke with Parker just as the show began its casting process. In the next few weeks, artists, clutching application forms downloaded from Bravo’s Web site, will gather at one of several casting calls around the country (at nonprofit space LAXART in Los Angeles on July 11 at 12; at Fred Snitzer Gallery in Miami on July 14; at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on July 16; and at alternative space White Columns in New York on July 18 and 19). They hope to be chosen as one of the show’s 13 finalists, who will compete on TV for a cash prize, a gallery show, and a sponsored national tour.

Parker declined to provide details about who precisely is involved in the casting, saying only that “a number of people” will “be part of the process.” She pointed to the “successful blueprint” that Bravo has used for shows like Top Chef and added that “we want to cast a wide net, for anyone who is interested regardless of age. My hope is, we will see and hear from many emerging and established artists.” Parker is especially keen that the casting remains entirely nondiscriminatory. “I don’t want to turn away anyone. It could be anyone between 17 and 107,” she says.

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