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Interview with an Art Director

Interview with an Art Director

Lauren Krauseóoften

October 12, 2009

Is there anything to do beyond being a graphic designer? What upward mobility do we have? For answers, I talked with Ms. Purple Lemon herself, Kelly Rinehart!

Firstly, Kelly, would you introduce yourself?

I am a native of Vaiden, MS, and have received a BS in Agriculture and Life Sciences (major: Retail Floristry Management) and a MS in Education (major: Technology) from Mississippi State University. I have worked in different aspects of marketing through the years. I was in event marketing at Mississippi State, media marketing at The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, TN, and now I am employed as the Art Director at Hancock Fabrics. I also own my own company, Purple Lemon Designs, which is a stationery design company based in Corinth, Mississippi (see her Etsy store here). When I have down time, I love attending live concerts and theatre, crafting and spending time with my husband, Jordan.

Purple Lemon Designs Thank You Card

What is your job (where you work, title, etc)?

I am the Art Director in the Marketing Department for Hancock Fabrics (I have to throw in the Marketing Dept. clarification because most people ask if I design the fabric), in Baldwyn, MS, which is just north of Tupelo, MS.

The ever-wonderful question on everyone’s mind: How do you define graphic design?

WOW! That is a hard one. I think a lot of laypeople think that graphic design is illustration, which designers know is not the case. I think that there are different types of graphic design. My stationery graphic designs and my marketing graphic designs are two totally different beasts. I cannot use the same flowery text and images in my direct mail pieces for Hancock as I do in my cards, because it doesn’t send the right message. So I guess it all boils down to this: Graphic design is sending messages, either through images and/or copy, to the intended audience.

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