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Make Your Designs Dance

Make Your Designs Dance

Nuchi Packaging

Lauren Krauseóoften

October 12, 2009

Nuchi Packaging

Designed by Shine Advertising for Nuchi, this packaging is simple but full of rhythm. The images and text are in the same place so you know where to look from package to package to see what is inside. The colors—especially the orange—are consistent so you can easily identify that they are from the same brand. Even the photography is rhythmic—there is always one train car on the lid and three on the side on top of a track. And did you notice that the angle of the photography is the same, too?


Nuchi Packaging by Shine

The shapes of the containers themselves are all basic geometry—triangle, rectangle and circle—and the same height, which adds to the feeling of rhythm and consistency. You might say, “Yeah, sure, that’s an easy decision,” but remember, they could have used boxes of varying heights or crazy shapes like octagons or organic shapes to fit the outline of each piece inside. I’m sure even these basic shapes of the packaging were a very conscious decision from the folks at Shine.

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