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Andy Warhol Quiz Answers

Andy Warhol Quiz Answers


January 24, 2011

How did you do on the Andy Warhol quiz? These were not very easy questions! Congratulations if you did well. To help you learn more about this pop artist, here are the answers to the Warhol quiz, Are You an Andy Warhol Guru? Warhol is a leading figure of pop art and have influenced many current artists today.

Quiz Answers

1. Andy Warhol was born in Pennsylvania

2. Andy Warhol’s full name is Andrew Warhola

3. What year was Warhol born in? 1928

4. Warhol’s father worked as a coal miner

5. Which disease did Warhol contract when he was in third grade? Chorea

6. At Carnegie Mellon University School of Fine Arts he focused on commercial art

7. In his 20s, he began his career as a illustrator

8. Warhol’s first one man gallery exhitibion as a fine artist was in California

9. Warhol’s studio was called The Factory

10. Which person was not one of Warhol Superstars? Candy Holiday

11. In the late 1960s, what event occured that profoundly effected Warhol’s life and art? He was shot

12. Warhol is the co-founder of which magazine? Interview

13. Warhol was a practicing member of which church? Byzantine Rite Ruthenian Catholic Church

14. Warhol passed away from heart failure

15. Warhol died at the age of 59

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