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Interview with Type Designer Mark Simonson

Interview with Type Designer Mark Simonson

Grant Friedman

March 23, 2009

GF: Can you recommend any resources for anyone hoping to learn more about designing their own fonts?

MS The forums at are a good place to learn from others. Its members come from a broad range of experience, from students to accomplished names in the type world. It has a special section where you can post a font for critique. Some commercial fonts have even come out of that. They also have an extensive wiki with articles and lists of books and other resources on type design.

For pure inspiration, it’s hard to beat

GF: Finally, what advice would you give to any young designer hoping to become a full-time freelance type designer?

MS: It takes time to get good at it. Fonts are complicated little things, in the design sense and in the technical sense. I’ve been at it for decades now, but there are still areas where I feel like I’m in a bit over my head. You need a high tolerance for tedium. Designing a typeface is like running a long distance marathon. If you’re persistent, patient, have an eye for detail, and a passion for letters, you might be cut out for it. A little luck doesn’t hurt.

Your can learn more about Mark on his website.


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