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Interview with Photographer Matthew Day

Interview with Photographer Matthew Day

Matthew Day, Photographer

Valerie Atkisson / ArtBistro

October 12, 2009

Now you are shooting for yourself. Yet another career transition. How did that happen?

It was really a culmination of a lot of things. A few years ago my family and I moved to Georgia in an attempt to better control my son’s asthma. The warmer weather really helped him but running a business from a thousand miles away was challenging.


Matthew Day, Photographer

I was traveling to New York every month which was really great but you can’t meet someone for lunch in the city on an hour’s notice when you live in St. Simons. I hired people to keep a local presence but it was not successful. Every now and then I would have thoughts about getting back into shooting for a living but I did not want to abandon my artists and brushed aside the ideas for a while.

Then in 2008 Canister Co. commissioned me to shoot families who have children with Down Syndrome for a medical guide and that was it – the combination of meeting amazing people and knowing that my pictures were helping them and others whose children would be diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the future renewed a passion for documentary work that I had not felt in a long time. And ultimately, I think what draws me to the work I do is people. I met a lot of wonderful people managing artists but learning about someone’s history and then trying to portray that with pictures is a relationship that is much more intimate and rewarding. After the work for Cansiter Co. I started coming up with idea after idea for documentaries like immigration and foster children, which I am still working on. They don’t make any money but they are very important to me and they have led to other ideas and work that have led to revenue.

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