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Interview with Marcos Chin, Fashion Illustrator

Interview with Marcos Chin, Fashion Illustrator

Penelope Dullaghan

October 12, 2009

How do you maintain balance in your life between work and play?

Well, I no longer work on Sundays, at least not in the same capacity as I used to. Honestly I used to work 7 days per week, and would log-in well over 100 assignments per year. I did this for a few years, not taking any vacations or rarely any holidays, without exaggeration; my mantra was “Sleep when your dead.”

But soon enough I realized that this was no way to live because I was unhappy. I couldn’t enjoy the returns of my own labour, and so I made it a point to slow down. Nowadays like I mentioned, I work about 6 days per week, which is still a lot, but much better than before.

I’ve begun to play the guitar and go for lessons every Saturday, I go to brunch almost every Sunday, and try to stay out of the frenzy of Manhattan on the weekends, I also make it a point to not go into the studio all the time because I’ve mentally reserved that space for work. It’s strange, but it’s so easy to fall into work and just obsess and become lost in it, but I’ve realized over the short number of years that I’ve been working that there is more to life than just work.

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