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Interview with Marcos Chin, Fashion Illustrator

Interview with Marcos Chin, Fashion Illustrator

Penelope Dullaghan

October 12, 2009

Do you have side projects you work on?

Yes, I do. I try to always keep them going alongside my commercial projects; however, I find it extremely difficult because oftentimes i just don’t have the time. I realize that my income is derived from illustration, and so without that, I would not be able to do any personal work.

Recently, I just finished a small series that is personal in nature, although it will be used in an illustration context to help promote myself. Moreover, I have become very interested in participating in fine art residencies and have also taken a few night classes in sculpture, silk screening and painting. I was enrolled in a residency last year for 2 months at the School of Visual Arts, where all I did was paint and draw in only wet and dry media (…no, I didn’t use my computer) and it was wonderful, informative, and extremely liberating. This summer I’ll be at Cooper Union for a month, doing a similar type of residency in painting.

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