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Interview with Marcos Chin, Fashion Illustrator

Interview with Marcos Chin, Fashion Illustrator

Penelope Dullaghan

October 12, 2009

Afterwards, I look over all of my thumbnails and then begin to develop that into a drawing that is clear enough to send to the art director so that he or she can visually understand what is in my sketch. Revisions aside, once the art director has chosen a sketch that works, then I tighten it, and then use that tight pencil sketch as a template to redraw it using Adobe Illustrator. Oftentimes, I layer other hand drawn/painted elements on top of my digital drawing to create different effects. I have been experimenting with this more and more recently, moving between Illustrator and Photoshop.

How do you market/promote your work?

I have recently rebuilt my website and actually sent out my first postcard (in years) about two months ago. I find for me, that direct marketing works the best. I use an online database for my mailing list, and I also send out HTML emails with images to encourage potential clients to click onto my website.

However, I still scan over, and edit the names and companies of those individuals on the list before I stick them onto my promos. I don’t believe in the concept of blindly sending out mailers to every person on a database because it’s financially not feasible, nor does it make much sense to randomly send my work to clients who use next to no illustration, or clients whose publications, for instance, don’t use illustrations rendered in my style.

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