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Interview with Marcos Chin, Fashion Illustrator

Interview with Marcos Chin, Fashion Illustrator

Penelope Dullaghan

October 12, 2009

Fortunately, everything went well, and James gave me some tips on how I could improve my book. About two weeks afterwards, I got my first call from a designer at his firm to create an illustration about the exploitation of the South American Bean Farmer. That was my first professional illustration job. Following that I continued to work occasionally, mostly for different publications through James Ireland’s firm; however, work didn’t really become steady until about a year and a half after I graduated from art college and signed on with my first rep; who was pivotal in jump-starting my career.

What is your process when working with clients? Can you run us through a typical job?

In the case of editorial work, I would typically get a call from the art director of a magazine, asking me if I would be interested in taking on an assignment. We discuss budgets and timeline, and then if things work out, I start by reading the article of the story that they send to me via email. I read over the article once and take down notes or underline parts of the article that stand-out to me for whatever reason. Afterwards, I reread it, just to make sure that I understood what I read, and do the same thing over again, highlighting any information that might give rise to a strong visual.

Following my second read of the article, I try to summarize in one or two sentences, what the article was about so that the illustration that I create will be able to communicate the idea of the story properly without it being an exact literal interpretation of it (which I find boring). Some art directors want me to give them a visual/literal translation of the story (and it’s in those cases where I often feel micro-managed) however, I would prefer to have free creative reign, or at least dialogue with the art director to communally come up with a stronger image. I do love creative freedom, but a true collaboration with an art director can be equally as gratifying.

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