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Seen at KL: Hari Raya Graffiti

 Seen at KL: Hari Raya Graffiti

JayHan Sim

October 12, 2009

Picture above is actually a street mural that I spotted last week, just outside the Pasar Seni LRT station. I think it’s really a nice masterpiece, so I took the picture and post it up here.

The graffiti is pretty long, and I have to take a total of 3 shots and connect them in Photoshop. Below is the smaller version of the graffiti. Sorry the picture is a little chopped off at both side.

I believe this was done by a group of creative artists that bombed their art at the Kuala Lumpur streets, I had to say that your arts are wonderful, and with all the colorful works, the KL looks more interesting!

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