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Story of an Artist: An Interview with Linda Byrne

Saunders Moore | ArtBistro

February 28, 2011

“Nets: Red and Brown

What project(s), throughout your career, have brought you the most pride and really helped you to feel you’re an established artist? I’m proud of all my work but the one project that stands out is the “Vanishing Birds Project,” a collaboration with the poet and sound artist, Maggie Dubris, that premiered at the Musee de Monoian/Society For Cultural Exchange in Pittsburgh, PA. This multi-media installation was created to draw attention to the issues surrounding global warming and the plight of our endangered bird population. You can view more about it at:

Are you currently selling your art anywhere? Where would you you’re your art to be in the near future? I sell my work directly out of my studio and at gallery shows. I am not currently represented by a specific gallery, but am focused on finding more diverse venues to feature my work. I would also like to do more public art and am actively working on proposals and grants to support that direction.

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